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Clothing Alterations FAQ

Common questions about clothing alterations:

What does a seamstress do?

A seamstress can design, alter, or repair clothing. Brides commonly use a seamstress’s service to get the perfect fit for their wedding dress. A seamstress can also tailor the fit of everyday clothing so you can continue wearing them even if you lose or gain weight, or even extend the life of kids’ clothing as they grow.

How long will my alterations take?

When you meet with the seamstress, she will let you know how long she expects your alterations to take. If you need them done by a certain date, let her know so she can factor that in. Simple alterations can be quick, but more complex alterations like a wedding dress can take longer. We do provide rush alteration services if necessary.

I’m losing weight for my wedding. When should I get my dress fitted?

Losing weight is a process, so we understand that you will likely be changing sizes between your first wedding dress fitting and your wedding day. It’s best to plan ahead and get in touch with the seamstress ASAP. That said, we do rush alterations if needed!

Do you alter men’s clothing?

Yes, we can tailor or alter men’s attire, whether formal or regular wear. A well-fitted business suit or an extra comfortable jacket can make a world of difference!

Are you supposed to tip the seamstress?

Tipping is not expected, but it is appreciated if you feel they went above and beyond for your alterations.


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